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The Spirit of Mumbai

The news of the Mumbai blasts was shocking to all of us. Yet again the Maximum City has been a victim to the evil plans of some morons who just want to spread terror in the hearts of the common man. It’s almost as if Mumbai has become a synonym for bomb blasts and terror strikes. But that’s not all the city is about. Here are a couple of things you must do in Mumbai.

The Symbol of Strength

Visit the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. It might be the busiest train station you will ever see, but I’m not asking you to take a train. There’s a lot more to this station, previously known as the Victoria Terminus. Did you know that CST is a World Heritage site? The hustle and bustle of the crowd does not take away the beauty of the structure. Both the inside and the outside of the building are teeming with wonderful designs, statues and motifs. It’s a complete photographer’s paradise and I remain smitten by it.

The Aves

Feed the pigeons. The Gateway of India is one of the famous landmarks in Mumbai. It’s a lovely structure looking out to the Arabian Sea. But tarry a little and look around. Apart from the melee of visitors and people itching to click you, look around and you’ll find many pigeons hovering around. Grab some grains and let them come to you. The idea might sound a little freaky, but as you can see, it’s not so bad.

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