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The Mind of a Terrorist

Mumbai Blasts - When will we be Safe?


Dadar bus stand, Zavery Bazar, and the Opera House in Mumbai, were the scenes of another horrific high density explosion that shook the foundation of all Mumbaikars once again in the evening  rush hours, barely 2 days after the 5th anniversary of the 7/11 train attacks and the 26/11 attacks in 2008.

All of these Terrorist outfits that operates both in India, the neighboring countries, and other parts of the world are basically young men (and even women at times) who are afflicted with a severe problems and have gone through agonizing experiences in their formative years that have caused them severe   emotional and mental derangements which had led them to social discrimination and alienation from society at large, thus making them agents of production of gang rape and terror.

They seek to take their sweet revenge-no matter who they may be – to retaliate against all the pent-up feelings, hurt, and gloom which had aggravated them in their formative  years without any consideration, thus selecting soft targets and innocent people.

A human life for a Terrorist is just like a puppet on a string. No value no meaning, no identity, absolutely worthless! All that they crave is for Revenge, Blood, Dead Bodies, and Commotion. They don’t care a damn of who the victim may be. It could be their mother, father, siblings, and intimate family members. For them they are his/her enemies and they have to be terminated and eliminated.

The mind of a Terrorist is that if he can do a certain “heroic” act which will demonstrate his prowess and will project himself as a “’Larger than Life” character, who is able to do something “Unique” and will be remembered as a person who has all the power to spread Terror near and far, thus being supreme commander of those people who had belittled him in his younger days-thus making him a hero.

With this objective in mind he and his like-minded friends get together and they form  Terrorist Training Centers for high-profile training in using arms, explosives, grenades, and all weapons of mass destruction, thus causing wide spread panic among the helpless citizens, while the Government is a silent spectator to all this.

When will the poor innocent people be protected and saved from the hands of these Terrorists? When will the “Government” take full responsibility to protect the lives of its “Citizens” by deploying and training Anti-Terrorist Squads and giving full autonomy to the Indian Army to take responsibility in protecting the innocent citizens?

We have to remember that the Terrorist himself is a victim of horrific circumstances which have driven him to arms and ammunitions instead of creativity.  We have to really understand his psyche and try to take him out of the present scenario and rehabilitate and explore the hidden creative avenues which are embedded in him.

Even in times of trouble and heartaches, there is a group of young people in Mumbai and other cities who go out of their comfort zone to help those in need to reach their loved ones via modern technology-mobiles, Facebook and satellite phones, by flashing their numbers and sending messages to those who need help and assistance. They are indeed counter reacting evil with good. Kudos to them who are ever willing to reach out and make a difference-a lasting impression to all!


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