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Looking at the Silhouttes of Life

Introducing our brand new column – Illustrator Connect, which is also the first photo blog of…As usual we hope to get lots of comments and feedback from you guys!



Is this man just out for a walk or is he walking away from life itself? Is walking away cowardice, when greener pastures are lurking around the corner?



There are two sides to each coin. On one side this man looks content and happy with life so he can relax. But have you thought of the alternative? It could also be that he is tired with the challenges and pressures so he has given up! What do you think?

These are real pictures photographed by Rajkumar Madhavan who has the gift to capture moments in his photographs. Feel free to like the pictures and share it on your profiles . They say each picture tells a story , What we want to know is what are your thoughts..?? Think about it take your time and comment .

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Traversing the high seas, Raj is a sailor. But that’s just his job. His heart lies in his Canon, which he uses to showcase the many hues that this world has to offer. He manages to see beauty in just about everything–natural and man-made. When he’s not sailing or clicking, he likes to listen to music and travel.

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